My journey so far (Part III)

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After another positive weekend training with David’s group, a month on from where I got to in ‘My journey so far (Part II)’. I went down to London for the rest of the weekend, to see my best friend, Sam. Whilst updating him on my recent events with javelin, I got a text from David;

“Nice work again today. We need to do more drills. Are you able to get to me Tuesday’s at all? I think with a little more input you’ll progress very quickly”

After reading this to Sam, my fatigue from training and travelling seemed to vanish. Celebrating in typical fashion, when in company of my mischievous friend, we went out in London and made it our playground. After that Tuesday, when I saw David, I was informed that he wanted to coach me in the week on Tuesdays as well as the weekends. A few weeks on from that, I found out that in the New Year, he was going to write me a training program. I knew from others in the group, that once you got a program, you’re seen as one of his athletes. I couldn’t believe my luck, I had finally got my feet set on the right road!

It was the last training session before Christmas, two months into my training at Loughborough, when for the first time spoke to one of David’s longest coached athletes, Kelly Bramhald. For all those that know her, I’m sure they would all agree that she is probably one of the most friendly, sociable, bubbly people you could ever meet. Yet until then I had avoided speaking to her, because I was so intimidated by the strength she emitted through her physique and personality. However at the end of the session, she asked me how my training was going. The long discussion that followed, sparked an invaluable friendship I have made whilst starting this journey. She is such a positive and inspirational individual, who has been an incredible motivator,  personal physiotherapist, and a fountain of information on how to improve, in all aspects of training. I can safely say I wouldn’t be where I am in javelin today without her input and help.

diet 1

In this discussion, I told her how I was going to get my first training plan in the New Year and wanted to start eating properly. This was the first, of many times, where she has helped me. She gave me her boyfriends number, Alex Currie, as he was a nutritionist and told me he would be able to help. The New Year came around; I was officially one of Davids athletes, I was on a strict diet plan, and training as hard as I could to be ready for my first competitive summer.

However this development in atheltics, brought about its own dilemmas.

Before my dream had come into fruition, I had already made another plan, agreeing to  a three month trip to China with my friend, Muss, to teach English and then travel around Asia and potentially New Zealand. I had a very hard decision to make; was I going to go and travel and make some invaluable memories or was I going to chase my real dream?

Although, to begin with, I thought the decision was simple, it turned out to have its own repercussions on me mentally. For the next three months I suffered quite badly from anxiety, questioning my decision. Which I will talk about in depth in a later post. I continued to train hard, and managed to bring my weight down from 100kg to 94kg, but mentally found it hard to keep pushing myself, having many restless night sleeps. Eventually I managed to come out the other side mid March, around the time we had our last training camp, which Goldie Sayers attended (Women’s British record holder – 65.05m). I believe I recieved a very positive push back in the right direction that weekend. Hearing her story of success. Noting down invaluable information from her experience of the event, how to overcome injuries and become the best.


It was finally April, the winter training had come and gone. The competing season was on the horizon. My story of my first summer of competitions will follow this post. If you want to know how it went, click here.



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