Road to Recovery

Yesterday I finally  saw a physiotherapist that works with the Leicester city cricket team, to have my side assessed. It has been three weeks since I tore my muscle and have been reassured that my side will have fully healed. Today I  begun my rehab programme, to strengthen my side and clear any scar tissue that will have been created. He believes that the origin of the injury could be due to a lack of stabilisation through my core, because my gluteal muscles aren’t firing up and activating when needed. Which in turn is causing me to compensate by using my abdominals more than they should. Therefore I have been given numerous exercises to carry out for my gluteal muscles and core.

My next appointment is this Friday, to discuss progress and hopefully start throwing again next week. I would ideally like to compete again in two weeks time so I can take part in the Midland County Championships. As I missed the County Championships, I see it as an important competition for myself. Even if I can’t compete to my full potential, I intend to still compete so I will gain some needed experience in a competitive environment in this event.

Another update is that I have decided that I’m now going to go back to Finland this Summer to train and compete.

Originally I planned on missing it this year as I was struggling with finances and also didn’t want the trip to interrupt my year of successful competitions. However, as I have unfortunately had my competitive season knocked back due to my injury. I think Finland will be the perfect place to kick start this season and show everyone what I really can achieve in this competitive year. With such a successful season that preceded my trip to Finland last year, I have no doubt that history will be repeated again.


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