Building Blocks

After a discussion with my coach a couple of weeks ago, I have come to the decision to end my short competitive season.

I believe that my time would be much better spent focussing on strengthening and conditioning my body and continue developing my technique so that I can come back stronger next season, instead of limping across the finish line this year competing with little confidence in my body.

This year was meant to be a year to exhibit what I could really do after a full winter season of training; unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. It’s become apparent that being ill with tonsillitis for a month earlier in the year dramatically impacted on my preparations for the competitive season and resulted in my injury.

At the beginning of this season I made a promise that if I didn’t hit my target of sixty metres I would quit, so I could focus on other goals I have in my life.

I was and still am determined to break people’s perceptions of the sport. I know some people still think I am too old to achieve my dream and beat those who are younger and better than me. I want to push boundaries and challenge the conventional ways in which people think you should achieve highly in this event and show I can still make it even if time may arguably be against me.

Therefore the promise I made at the start of this season has been broken. I have come to the realisation that I don’t have to quit, as I can still aim to achieve my other goals in life. I however must manage my time more effectively and prioritise the importance of particular goals. I have also accepted that javelin is a sport in which you must be adept in many areas to achieve highly and will not be something I can master over a year or two.

To be great in javelin you have to be skilful in so many areas: jumping, sprinting, flexibility and the list goes on.

Before this year I believed one winter season would make me proficient in all these skills, but have now accepted its going to take years of conditioning to be outstanding in one area, yet alone all of them. I now understand why people believe it takes a long time to be great in javelin, as you have to be a very well rounded athlete. I believe that I can develop these skills to the levels required; I am committed to the sport now, I’ve bought two personal javelins and am in it for the long run. I will continue to push myself until I reach the goals I have set for myself.

If my body begins to feel strong again by the end of the season, I may enter one or two small competitions to see if I can leave a mark on this year. But my main aim now is to really focus on being ready for next year. I must ensure I stay focussed and continue to push throughout the winter staying healthy so I can blow my old personal best out of the water and start turning some peoples heads in surprise.


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