Can’t Stop The Feeling

Last weekends Javelin Training Camp, was one of those experiences that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Getting to meet Andreas Thorkildsen, a two time olympic champion, who still holds the olympic record  (90.57m) and his coach Asmund Martinsen, was just incredible.

After watching Andreas throw countless times on TV and Youtube, I was extremely excited to finally meet him in person. But when I finally got to speak to both of them and listen to all their combined experience and knowledge, it was just phenomenal.

Its been an incredible platform to spring me forward into this week, which has been testing.  I’ve come away with a scattering of new personal bests in my tests and improved on all other previous results from the prior months testing.

The numbers say it all and it can’t show any better what great shape I’m currently in.


Everything is lining up beautifully for the competition at the end of February and I’m ready to see what I can do. Since the start of this year, everything has been going my way and I can’t see how it can change in the coming weeks.

Currently I feel like I’m Jonah Lomu, one of rugbys greats, sprinting to the try line, effortlessly pushing through every obstacle in my way, with complete confidence that I’m going to add another five points to the score board.


My side isn’t giving me any grief and I’m finally gaining the confidence to start applying the speed I’m generating in my run up, into the throw. I’m planning to go into the competition with an open mind, treating it as a friendly, so I can just have some fun. This will in turn, enable me to stay relaxed, something that when achieved, brings out the best of my throws.

I’m full of nervous excitement knowing that the numbers are telling me it times for me to take the big leap and start throwing some big distances.

Two weeks to go till I find out if I can open this year up with some distances worthy of my recent test results.


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  1. It will happen your around a fantastic bunch of people #keepthethythem

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