Release the Beast

When I used to row, we had numerous calls throughout a race to either improve the balance or pace of the boat. One of the notorious calls used in our boat was ‘release the beast’. After being spontaneously used in the first race of our season, to surprising effect, it was employed in every race after, due to the powerful effect it had on the whole crew to find the dregs of energy in the tank to power the boat forward to the finish line.


Yesterday I had the Northampton County Championships and felt that after a long winter and a fight to get fit from injury, the famed call ‘release the beast’ was being repeated over and over in my head. Although no where near the finish line in my javelin career, it was time to rid myself of my lingering and old personal best and get this season moving in the right direction.

On my first attempt,  I threw a new personal best 56.82m.

After having a brilliant throwing session earlier in the week, I wasn’t too surprised when I threw that distance, however it still managed to leave me shocked, relieved and quite emotional. Earning a new personal best and becoming the Northampton County Champ.


It has been a long time coming and finally feel that I am continuing my competitive journey, from where I finished after my first year. Not having thrown a personal best since I started in 2015, the satisfaction to finally break the invisible barrier and gain a new personal best is so relieving.

My new personal best has unburdened me of my concerns and worries for this season and has enabled me to look at the rest of the competitive season in anticipation. Fully intending to have fun and enjoy competing with the hope that I may reach the elusive and enticing sixty-metre mark.


I’m now in unchartered territory, having not competed so far into a season, without getting injured, being another barrier I have stepped over. I feel a great sense of triumph, knowing I have worked hard on strengthening my core to prevent injury and hopefully for some time, if I continue the constant conditioning.

In two weeks time I have the Javelin Carnival.

I couldn’t be any more excited to be attending this competition, with fifty percent of the competitors last year throwing either personal or seasonal bests at the competition.  It has arrived at the perfect time in my competitive calendar, being in such good shape, it should be a fantastic opportunity to add another new personal best to my name.

When I competed in Javelin Carnival 2015

It has become very apparent from this years performances and prior ones, that staying relaxed, with the intention to throw technically well. Without chasing the distance I crave for so much, is the key factor to gain those extra meters.

With the Javelin Carnival being held at Loughborough University, I couldn’t feel any more at home competing there, being where I train every week. I will be able to replicate my usual warm up to the letter, allowing everything to go smoothly, permitting me to stay as relaxed as possible.


With my competitive season starting off with a bang, consistently throwing mid fifties, I feel ready to make the jump and start playing with distances starting with a six. The Javelin Carnival couldn’t come around any sooner, but in the mean time it’s back to the office, keeping my head down and putting some serious work in the gym and on the track, so I’m ready for another big throw in two weeks time.

The beast has been let out of the cage. Watch this space.


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